Legal Services

Operating internationally has many challenges. Your organization should be mindful of the governing laws to avoid violating the applicable laws. Your organization may face considerable fines, corporate probation, and even criminal liability of your employees, officers and directors.

Federal and state regulatory and law enforcement support
Corporate compliance…Sarbanes Oxley
Corporate contractual law and contractual despite resolution.

Global Asset Alliance maintains an international network of attorneys to support your global ambitions. Let us take the strain and put your legal worries at ease.

Sales/Marketing Services

Leverage our international knowledge and influence. Our vast global network of international business experts, contacts and partners can ensure your international success.

With contacts throughout the world, Global Asset Alliance offers companies expert support, advice and cost-effective end-to-end international business solutions.
Whether you are new to international sales, trying to enter a new market or looking to expand your business in a specific market here is how we can help you.

Project & Operational Management

Successful entry into foreign markets requires a cohesive plan involving all aspects of the business. The Global Asset Alliance provides Project Management resources with experience running international projects to ensure that your international launch is planned and executed properly. Additionally, GAA maintains a list of business executives with operational experience launching into global markets. All of this is done to ensure that your launch grows your business.

Financial Services

It is important to the success of your expansion that you consider all the implications for international accounting principles and how the principles of your country compare to the principles of your target country. Learning by mistake can be very costly at a time when you are spreading your company into new markets. Financial considerations include accounting practices, currency exchange rates, currency fluctuations, taxation and accounting conditions and translation factors.